About me

Hey! I am Nasreen, a Web Developer from San Francisco. If you are eager to know the name of that Silicon Valley company I work for, it is coming soon.. ( hello recruiters, this smart techie is available in the job market. )

My interests and background is as diverse as the city. A Mechanical Engineer turned Nanotechnologist, who almost wanted to be a Journalist but found joy and peace in Programming. If it was a movie, this would have been my ‘happily ever after’ moment. But let’s go with ‘and that’s how she started her journey as a programmer…’

I am a Java enthusiast and uses Spring Boot for web development. I code in [Python, SQL, R and Ruby] on and off. I have been picking up Javascript these days. It is growing on me.

This blog is a journal of my coding journey. Things I learned, glitches I have encountered and troubleshooted, my experience with getting to know the tech community, beginners guide to ‘networking’ and all that came along the way.

And yes! Welcome to my blog. If my blogs could help to make your coding journey a little easier, please let me know.